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FIORI concrete batching vehicles enable production and transport of specified concrete mixes to sites difficult to reach with conventional concrete delivery vehicles.

Concrete batching vehicles (CBV) do not require operators experienced in the field of concrete production.

CBV equipped vehicles offer exclusive features:

  • Management of archives containing up to 32 components
  • Management of archives containing up to 16 mix recipes with quantity recalculation based on the desired batch.
  • Dynamic weighing with angle compensation of the loading arm
  • Water compensation in hydroscopic components (moisture in the aggregates)
  • Up to two additive tanks with an overall capacity of 30 litres
  • Automatic management of the water pump and additive pump
  • Control of the mixing process (start/end time, number of drum revolutions) and of the mix homogeneity  (slump stabilisation)
  • Advanced USB port for software upgrading and slip downloading and uploading/downloading of components and recipes.
  • History data log of the batches produced for later printing or downloading via USB.

DB 180 – A compact, high productivity vehicle that enables independent production of high quality concrete, delivered direct to any site, whether in an urban setting, remote, or inaccessible area. The DB 180 features four wheel drive, articulated chassis and a differential swivelling axle. Potential daily productivity is 60 cubic metres.

DB 260CBV   Daily capacity 65 cubic metres

DB 460CBV   Daily capacity 90 cubic metres

DB 560T          Transit Mixer – Reliable off-road concrete transport

DB x35              Front loading mixer  – daily capacity 85 cubic metres



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