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An innovative attachment has been released that will be welcomed by contractors who need to keep roads and sites clean and clear of mud and construction debris.
Designed for attachment to a wide range of equipment, the new U.emme Manta 1800 Industrial Collector Sweeper (Bucket Broom) is radically different. The broom allows the bristles to do the job which prevents marking of the road surface. It can quickly sweep large areas – even sports fields and car parks.
Semco’s Graham Murphy said, “The U.emme Bucket Broom is ideal for helping people to comply with tough EPA regulations that outlaw construction site mud from entering storm water drains. It’s also an ideal solution for safety by keeping job sites clean and free of airborne debris.
“It’s a whole new approach to sweeping. The unit is an industrial sweeper with universal mounts that enable it to be operated by any equipment such as a skidsteer loader or forklift truck fitted with a suitable auxiliary circuit. It’s also easily adaptable to many other motive sources such as a telehandler, backhoe loader or smaller wheel loader. Another benefit is the hydraulic dump design that allows the bottom to drop out of the bucket, removing the
need for a tilting circuit,” he said.
Semco will be offering several models, starting with the Manta 1800 model which, as the name implies, is 1800 mm sweep width. In total there are six models that can adapt to machines from light skidsteers to medium class loaders. Sweep widths range from 1200 mm to 2400 mm, with a range of capacity from 180 litres to 470 litres and working weightsranging from 400kg to 640kg.
The unit is supplied complete with hoses and couplings, as well as optional gutter brooms and both gravity and pressure fed water suppression systems.

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