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Sydney’s Camden Hire has grown steadily since it was established 26 years ago by Mark Scarce’s father.
“The business started with my father hiring out his own tools. He also manufactured trailers, car trailers and horse floats,” Mark recalls.
“Over time, the business changed and quickly grew by concentrating on equipment rental. Now with multiple locations, the business caters for the needs of builders and construction Trade customers comprise around 70 per cent of the business. These people know us well and appreciate the expertise we offer and the standard of equipment we hire. On weekends, we are popular with the home handyman who is looking for equipment for their projects.
A diverse range of equipment is a major attraction for our customers. We don’t specialise in any particular area. We have recent models, very reliable. And good, well trained counter staff who know the needs of our customers.
We service customers across the Sydney region and beyond – from Palm beach in the north to Nowra and west to the mountains. Many of these customers hire toilets and fencing for longer term projects, so when they need a excavator they come to us. We deliver equipment anywhere.
We are on to our second fleet of Takeuchi TB 016 mini excavators and have had an extremely good run with them. We found our customers like using them due to their power for size and ability to work where access was very restricted. The machines have performed faultlessly and the service and parts backup is excellent. These mini excavators can handle the tough work day in, day out, regardless of different operators using them and the hammering they receive. We usually run them to 2,400 hours, which equates to three or four years of age before we replace them with new models. This process ensures we always have gear that’s always up to date.
Reliability is a key issue for us. We need suppliers who can support their equipment with warranty and service to ensure our customers can keep working.If there is a warranty issue, you want to know you can get the support you need. A good relationship with our suppliers is ultra important to us, particularly in terms of sharing our business ethic,” Mark said.

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