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John Gauslaa of Narooma Excavator Hire carries out general excavations on residential work as well as Council earthworks from Narooma and as far as Bermagui and Bateman’s Bay on the New South Wales South Coast.
When his eight year old Takeuchi TB 53FR mini excavator reached 7,700 hours, he decided it was time to update.
“I have been extremely happy with the performance of the TB 53FR and pleasantly surprised at how this small machine has performed over the years. The Takeuchi has been a great investment because its super reliability has paid handsome dividends in the longer term.”
“My experience convinced me a move to the new model TB 153FR would be a sound business decision. In addition, the new model is heavier and more ruggedly constructed and has a number of attractive features.”
“Comfort is a real consideration when you spend so much time on the job. The TB 153FR’s well designed and spacious operator’s compartment is ideal for overcoming fatigue. Its wide entrance makes for an easy day when you are constantly in and out of the machine on a job site.”
“The machine has a long list of features such as excellent travel and slew speed; a twospeed travel shift down system that automatically shifts travel speed from high to low when ground conditions call for additional traction power and a conveniently located one touch engine decelerator to reduce fuel consumption.”
“Its boom reach is an important requirement for me, as many of the jobs we work on have very limited access. I can’t afford to waste valuable time by having to manoeuvre, unnecessarily shifting bucket loads,” John said.
“For a mini excavator to perform productively for over 7,700 hours is an astonishing result. Many machines in this class will never last this distance, regardless of how well they are maintained,” said Semco’s Graham Murphy.

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