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TB280FR with RockwheelTwin header rock wheels can make lighter, quieter work of trenching and rock face trimming

With more pressure on excavation contractors to perform tasks more quietly and more efficiently in urban areas, many operators are starting to seriously consider the use of twin headers as an alternative solution to traditional rock breaking equipment.

Demolition and construction sites are often becoming more constrained and together with the enforcement of stringent noise limit regulations, in many instances twin headers may offer a number of benefits and potential savings for contractors.

G55 RockwheelTwin headers are simply and quickly attached to a variety of excavation equipment and have the benefit of producing an extremely accurate trench or face profile, even working through tough material, including rock and reinforced concrete from 10 mpa up to 110 mpa compressive strength. Typically, Rockwheel owners operate several different machines by using an adapter to allow them to exchange cutting heads of differing width and power between equipment to suit tasks such as trenching or profiling.

Reduced vibration
Operators find that machine vibration is substantially reduced when using these attachments and ground- transmitted impact noise much lower than when using traditional rock breaking methods. Rokla Rockwheel grinders are able to work under water, require no case drain line and unlike hammers, are able can work in an elevated position. A 360 degree rotating head is yet another option, allowing for very detailed excavations at any angle.

Backfilling is also more effective as the spoil material removed by Rockwheels is already reduced to a space filling fragment size for higher density filling and reduced compaction. The evenly distributed cutting teeth spread the impact, resulting in less risk of damage in and around a construction site.

Many applications
Different model Rockwheel cutting units are configured to work across a wide variety of applications and range from compact C2 (world’s smallest) chain-drive cutter units up to larger units equipped with a gearbox drive for maximum torque and power, suitable up to 120 tonne excavators.

Expert advice
Matching Rockwheel twin headers to different types of equipment with varying hydraulic capacities requires intimate knowledge of the equipment. Semco has fully trained specialists available to guide contractors through the available alternatives.

Rokla Rockwheels are available now and may be taken on a Rent-To-Purchase (RPO) option that enables trial of the equipment for up to one month prior to making a purchase commitment.

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