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Grassed batters, culverts, creek embankments and bridge footings aren’t the territory that appeals to most slashing contractors. This type of public space maintenance can be difficult and time-consuming, making it unattractive to many but the most intrepid.
Environmentally sensitive clearing tasks add another dimension. Selective removal of woody weeds such as blackberry and slashing firebreaks on sloping sites also presents maintenance challenges.
Shannon Edwards of Albury’s Enviro Culture recognised the need for a different approach to horticulture maintenance on these steep and poorly accessible sites.
“Several years ago we became aware of the need for specialised equipment to help access for mowing and mulching steep sites and environmentally sensitive areas. Conventional maintenance equipment just wasn’t designed for these tasks,” Shannon said.
“In some cases we have been forced to make our own attachments for specific tasks. Other specialised equipment has also been sourced, such as a Takeuchi TB175W wheeled excavator. This equipment is unique to our business and lets us reach many spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Because it’s built for road use, we can move this low-noise gear along roadways and maintenance tracks at up to 30 kilometres per hour. It’s one of the unique tools we have that lets us quickly and efficiently tackle riparian maintenance, sloping roadside mowing or selective mowing of tree block plantations,” Shannon added.

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