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A Terex 880 Elite backhoe loader has been purchased by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to maintain the historic village of Hill End. The Hill End Historic Site, established
in 1967, is one of the first cultural heritage sites to be reserved in Australia. The town is visited by 60,000 and 70,000 visitors annually.
Matt Burns, NPWS’ Senior Field Supervisor said they selected the Terex 880 after looking at many types of gear.
“What impressed us was the robust and well designed engineering of the transmission and engine. In addition, the machine was competitively priced within our budget”.
“The machine is worked several times a week on a range of tasks that include pushing heavy timber, craning and more. The major appeal of the Terex is its versatility. We use it for everything from boring post holes to forks; as a crane, a dozer – virtually every moving, digging, lifting and loading task imaginable.”
“It’s got a lot more pushing power than most similar equipment. The dual hydraulic are very helpful, particularly when operating around telecommunications cables. Its ability to switch off one pump increases control through more fluid fine movement of the arm and bucket”.
“The improved control and feel from switching off unnecessary flow means we can complete precise digging and craning tasks more safely. Being able to adjust the power for fine movement is a great benefit.”
“Our area of responsibility includes 40km of water lines, so it’s used often for repairing leaks and installing new lines. We have around 100 hours to date and the machine has performed faultlessly. The machine is very easy to operate. It’s a great machine.”
“Our management area is similar to that of a council, in that we are responsible for works within the town of Hill End which is a designated Historic Site. There are between 30 and 40 buildings, 40 kilometres of sewer lines and 40 kilometres of water service. We also manage road works, parks maintenance and reserves”, Burn said.

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