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Plumbers, landscapers and anyone else who needs to dig trenches in confined spaces will welcome the addition of the latest in walk behind trenchers.

Unlike many other trenchers, Toro’s new TRX tracked trenchers are designed to allow the machines to easily handle cross trenching and effectively work on wet, rainy days or in sandy, loose soils.

Many wheeled trenchers would struggle in these conditions whereas the tracks of the Toro TRX disperse the weight of the machine, providing high flotation while delivering the necessary traction in any ground condition.

“The key to working faster and straighter than with other walk- behind trenchers is the unit’s dedicated track undercarriage. The track drive design provides a low centre of gravity and large footprint,” said Semco’s Graham Murphy.

“The design offers stability and increased manoeuvrability over rough terrain without causing damage to existing turf by eliminating tyre ruts and flat tyres.

“The tracks, unlike wheeled machines, also prevent the machine from getting caught in the trench or causing cave-ins of the sidewalls while cross trenching and the tracked design, in combination with zero-turn capabilities, allows TRX trenchers to easily access confined areas to complete virtually any project.

“Three simple controls operate all traction and trenching functions to provide less jerking than other trenchers with handle-bar steering,” he said.

TRX models trench up to 1219mm deep and 203mm wide; plenty of depth for nearly every job. The powerful 19.38 kW Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine provides a flat torque curve that delivers the power needed for any job.

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