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TB210R pic 1As population density grows, so does the need for excavation in extremely tight spaces. The latest mini excavator from Takeuchi is a prime example of how technology has evolved to provide contractors with greater power and efficiency in challenging locations.

Takeuchi’s new TB210R excavator represents the next generation of its highly successful predecessor, the TB108. While being heavier at 1,150 kg the TB210R has similar compact size and nimble performance.

Classified as a Short Radius machine, the counterweight runs minimally outside the extended tracks, while safety is provided by a very handy fold-down ROPS bar which is integrated into the machine.

Where maximum stability is required, the machine’s 750 mm wide tracks can be hydraulically expanded up to 1,020 mm. Power is delivered by a gutsy Kubota 8.6kW three-cylinder engine cylinder diesel engine that runs smoothly and quietly with ample power to do any job.

There are full hydraulic servo levers and controls with a have a two-pattern change over selector. The TB210R is solidly constructed with all steel fabricated body parts, making it an attractive proposition for contractors who use their machine constantly. The TB210R is fully configured to run a large range of attachments such as hammer, auger, or compaction plate.

Rental operators will be pleased that even trailer loaded with a set of buckets and hitch it grosses around 1.3 tonnes allowing the machine to be towed using a conventional utility or a family sedan without any special electronic braking system.

Service access to the TB210R is very easy. An under-seat bonnet tilt lever will get you close to the most important components, while both right and left side panels swing open for full mechanical access

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