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Canberra, ACT, May 2014 – One company discovering the benefits of the robust, yet nimble TB1140 Takeuchi excavator is Littlewoods Civil in Canberra.

Littlewoods Takeuchi TB 1140 Excavator at work in Canberra ACT

Littlewoods Takeuchi TB 1140 Excavator at work in Canberra ACT

“We’ve been using Takeuchi excavators since about 2001,” Gerard Littlewood, from Littlewoods Civil explains. We already have the super compact TB016, the TB235, two brand new TB285s, and now we also have the impressive TB1140.”

“This machine fills the niche between 8 tonne and 20 tonne machines, and is ideal for our construction and infrastructure projects.

“One of its key benefits of our Takeuchi TB 1140 excavator is its width of 2,490 mm across the blade, which is under the maximum legal width for round the clock unrestricted transportability. This allows us to float the excavator between jobs anytime without the need for permits or restrictions”, Gerard said.

With a heavy-duty pivot boom, large dozer blade and rubber tracks, it’s easily transported. The rubber tracks mean we can track it on the road without damaging pavement surfaces, even while manoeuvring to worksites with tighter access,” Gerard continued.

As work sites become more crowded, and with existing buildings being demolished for apartments and higher density living, this machine is the perfect capacity for urban renewal projects.

Yet, the agility of the TB1140 does not mean a compromise on power.  With a 62.2kW engine and a bucket breakout force of 10,064 kg, the TB1140 packs a punch.

“The power was the key factor in our purchasing decision,” Gerard continues. “It has the offset boom to dig either side; a big dozer blade, and the right reach. But mainly it has the muscle that we need.”

And with very generous operating space and great visibility, Littlewoods’ operators are more than happy with the machine’s performance.

“The controls are convenient and the cab has been designed with operator comfort in mind. If you live in a machine all day, it must be comfortable!” Gerard says.


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