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SM 0031 - D30_Rockwheel FINAL

New to the Australian Market, Rokla Rockwheels are now being distributed by Semco.

Rokla attachments are available from Semco’s sales and service centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Queanbeyan, as well as Semco’s national dealer network.

Semco director, Graham Murphy, says “We are importing this attachment in response to a demand for efficient and reliable rock cutting units. The Rockwheel range fits perfectly with our other equipment and attachments, building our reputation as a full range supplier of equipment for earthworks, quarries and agricultural applications.

“The addition of Rokla cutters complements our CP Hammer range and offers users a ‘Quiet Way” to excavate rock in sensitive urban areas where even the operational hours of noise suppressed hammers may be restricted”, he said.

Robert Piasecki, founder of Rokla GmbH, welcomed the addition of Semco to its global distribution network.

“We are very pleased that Semco has come on board to handle our products in Australia. Three-part Rockwheel cutting units have become highly regarded elsewhere in the world for their ability to deliver maximum performance at all times, and yet are significantly lighter in weight than those of the competitors. As a result, the Rockwheel cutting units deliver powerful performance, even when attached to smaller excavators,” he said.
Graham Murphy agrees. “Our evaluation of these innovative, extremely powerful cutting units has shown them to be robust, reliable and versatile. The Rockwheel units come in various sizes: from the C2 Lightweight Champion, ideal for use with one to three tonne mini-excavators, to the powerful G55 which suits up to 65t machines and has 220 kW output potential. There is also the compact dual-motor G5 Twin, built for excavators with an operating weight range of 5 to 10 Tonnes, and which can have outputs of up to 44kW.

“All Rockwheel cutting units are equipped with high-torque hydraulic engines and are designed so that the picks, which are mounted on the drums at an optimal angle, can penetrate the material with maximum power.

The design and power components of the low-vibration Rockwheel cutting units are perfectly adjusted, ensuring that the picks grip strongly and hardly ever bounce. And the cutting heads rotate at a speed that achieves outstanding excavation and ensures a clean profile,” Murphy added.

Rokla says all Rockwheel cutting units have solid drive shaft bearings and are designed for a long service life. Their sealing system also enables them to operate underwater without the need for conversion.

A four-part Rockwheel‐model designed for two to 10 tonne excavators will also be available. This 22kW cutting attachment features a second motor that easily doubles the power output and performance of the unit. 

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