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SM 0008 - Turfdrain FINALSydney, July 2014 – Soggy sports fields make recreation difficult; a situation that has led many sporting bodies and grounds managers to install effective turf drainage. Thanks to some of the latest advances in turf draining technology, sporting fixtures on turf covered areas no longer need to be cancelled, regardless of the amount of rain that has fallen.

Turf Drain Australia specialises in recreational turf, carrying out design, construction and drainage of sports turf by operating specially adapted machinery for processes that include “slit drainage”.

“Over the years we have developed our own specialised approach to turf drainage, which means we can only use equipment that is capable of being operated to tight performance specifications”, said Turf Drain Australia’s Bob Paddison.

“When we were looking for a tractor capable of hauling heavy trailer loads while crawling at a very slow speed the New Holland T4.75 hp Powerstar tractor emerged as the logical choice.

“Because very slow speed is important for us, this tractor’s well-suited gear range was a standout benefit. To even better suit our application, Semco fitted a special creeper gearbox which allows the tractor to operate efficiently at an even lower speed.
“The creeper box on the T4.75 is essential for us when we are using implements that require high PTO revs and very slow forward speeds; as low as 109 metres per hour.
“As a bonus, the price was very competitive, even when the added equipment and Trelleborg turf tyres were taken into account. The tractor as equipped is ideal for the task; not too large or cumbersome for our side-by-side operation needed for trenching.

“All our operators like the tractor because of its spacious air-conditioned cabin for day-long comfort, even when operating in blistering summer heat often found in grassed sports venues”, Bob added.

About Turf Drain Australia

Turf Drain Australia offers a variety of services associated with the drainage and construction of sports grass surfaces across Australia.

The company operates its own machinery to provide a complete service from design through to completion. Concentrating on our area of expertise, we have been able to concentrate totally on becoming leaders in draining and constructing sports grass surfaces. Services include Sports field drainage, Laser controlled trenching, Sand grooving, GPS guided and two-way laser controlled grading, Turf wicket construction to international level and bowling green construction.

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