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SM 0067 - Photo lr webMelbourne, March 2015 – Like many independent hire companies, Heidelberg Hire has been a family enterprise for many years. Around 50 years on, the business is managed by the founders’ son, Warren Elms.

Located at Bulleen in one of the busiest residential areas of north-eastern metro Melbourne, it maintains a significant inventory of equipment that includes specialised hand tools, right up to larger gear such as excavators, trenchers and diggers.

“We have a strong competitive edge gained from a deep understanding of our local market and having the knowledge and skills to recommend the most suitable equipment so customers can get the job done quickly and efficiently”, said Warren.

“Being very responsive to the needs of our customers has enabled us to expand the business at a steady and manageable rate to the point where we’re looking to take over additional space to service the next stage of our growth.

“With larger equipment such as excavators, we ensure that appropriate pre pick-up training is given to ensure proper safety procedures are observed; how to get the most efficient use from their hire experience and the correct handling needed to protect the equipment.

“Despite our best efforts on equipment care, there are still occasions when mishandling occurs, so it’s really important for us to have very tough, reliable equipment which is supported by quick response backup for spares and service.

“The expansive growth of Melbourne’s residential areas have resulted in smaller building blocks which means most tradespeople who rent excavators need to access narrow spaces to drill post holes and excavate for foundations. There’s a high demand for compact, powerful equipment that’s easy to operate and can crawl and swing a bucket between walls.

“That’s why the Takeuchi TB016 excavator has been so good for us. For its size it has an outstanding amount of power, while its narrow track width enables it to get into places many other excavators just can’t go. We supply our excavators on trailers with all the buckets and attachments needed to do the job”, Warren said.

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