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Latest TL12v-2 compact loader revels in heavy lifting

Takeuchi TL12V-2

TL12V-2 Carrying Rock

The release of an all-new, heavy duty vertical lift compact loader has marked a major milestone for Takeuchi of Japan.

Many construction and trade professionals regard Japanese made equipment as some of the most rugged and high-performance machinery available.

Even the price premium that accompanies most high-quality gear has not been a barrier to operators who seek a return on their investment; high retained value and the benefits of outstanding work efficiency. So it’s no surprise to see the latest release from Takeuchi being typical of today’s equipment that is designed for continuous heavy duty work where endurance, power and reliability are the key requirements

Weighing in at just under six tonnes, Takeuchi’s TL12V-2 Vertical Lift Compact Loader has just been released in Australia and is claimed to be the largest and most powerful machine in its class. Delivering up to 45-percent greater operating capacity over the current TL12 radial lift model, this is a truly new machine, being virtually redesigned from the ground up.

Heavy duty engineering

The more complex design of vertical lift machines often means more potential for service and maintenance issues. Takeuchi has recognised this and has incorporated heavy duty, rugged engineering elements to ensure reliable performance throughout the machine’s working life.

The main advantage of the vertical lift system on this machine is its lifting capacity, making it an ideal material handling machine when using pallet forks, operating heavy duty attachments, or for loading road trucks.

Powering the loader and its systems is a Kubota 3.8 litre diesel engine that produces 81.8 kW and compliant with U.S. EPA Final Tier 4 /EU Stage IV emissions.

New undercarriage and track

A “quiet track design” reduces noise and vibration using a tread pattern that also produces greater flotation. A new contact pad between the roller and track enhances ride quality and reduces vibration, while increased track length provides longer ground contact that improves stability and ride quality.

Added strength comes from integrated cross members and a fully welded frame which has also been the configured for easier cleaning. Both rear and lower rollers are dual flange type and a redesigned track pattern maintains traction, while providing less surface impact.

A welcome feature for operators involved in forestry work or mulching is a ROPS and FOPS level 2 roof guard as standard equipment.

Work in total comfort

Takeuchi Vertical loader


While the cabins of earlier model Takeuchi loaders was considered extremely generous, the standard of space and comfort in the TL12V-2 eclipses previous high standards. For a start, the cabin is considerably quieter, while the width has been increased by 77 mm.

Eight air-conditioning vents more evenly spread cabin temperature and the high back suspension seat and precision pilot controls make all day operation much more comfortable. Monitoring the machine’s performance through precision pilot controls is a multi-information display which incorporates a new 5.7-inch colour display connected to a rear camera.

Unlike some vertical lift loaders that have lifting booms that often partially obscure the operator’s view, Takeuchi designers have lowered the boom arm cross member to ensure clear visibility is maintained.

Easy management of attachments

There’s an electrical harness that runs down the loader’s frame that plugs into the hand control. This means you can operate attachments that require electrical functions such as a tilting dozer blade, laser blade or a profiler. Another standard feature is high flow hydraulics, ideal for contractors who need to run profilers or forest mulchers.

An hydraulic quick hitch is standard and allows changing buckets and attachments from the cabin. A Ride Control feature is standard and delivers a smooth ride and assists in retaining material in the bucket while the machine is traversing uneven ground.

A new design LCD dash panel is extremely easy to read and reports all machine functions. Because the engine is electronically controlled, the operator is able to select engine functions through the dash panel. This includes adjustment of horsepower or selection of economy mode for fuel economy when undertaking light duty work.

The operator is able to control the level of hydraulic flow by dialling in the amount of flow required from machine for best matching of attachment functions.

While this is Takeuchi’s first vertical lift loader, key elements of the redesign are planned to be progressively incorporated into the manufacturer’s the range of radial lift machines.


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