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There is always a faster, safer and more efficient way of doing something. For example, in the old days you needed a strong labourer for the back challenging task of manoeuvring an unsteady wheelbarrow load of demolition rubble up a plank to dump into a bin.

First came the walk-behind diesel-powered wheeled dumpers, and now the electric tracked mini dumper is the latest generation of time and labour-saving tools for construction professionals and equipment hire businesses.

Semco has released the Messersi TC50-e electric powered track mini-dumper that has been designed to operate in any environment. Powered by a LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) battery pack that delivers nominal power of 6.9kW, a single full charge of the TC50-e electric mini dumper is plenty for a shift of five to six hours with up to 2.5 hours of continuous travel when the dumper is fully loaded. The unit can be kept charged between tasks or on breaks by simply plugging into a 240V power source on site, or between jobs, by connection to an inverter on your truck or tow vehicle.

This electric dumper delivers a 500 kg payload, with a skip capacity of 0.304 cubic metres, while moving at a maximum speed km/h 1.5 with a full load on a maximum gradient of 30 degrees. The machine’s robust 180 mmm patented layout of tracks and tilting rollers ensure a wide footprint for high stability and excellent driving comfort in all conditions.

With no need to refuel, no engine emissions and the environmental noise interference is virtually zero, Semco says the Messersi TC50-e is ideal for residential or commercial internal renovation. Powerful, quiet and stable, the unit is perfect for internal jobs and basement excavations that often involve removal of broken concrete, tiles, masonry, general rubble, glass or landscape excavation spoil.

The operator station is a handy drop-down foot stand and the simple controls mean the dumper can be propelled, manoeuvred and the bucket quickly, safely and easily loaded and unloaded. See the Messersi TC50-e in action .

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