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The Yamaguchi range of tracked mini dumpers has been released in Australia through Semco Equipment Sales. Designed and manufactured in Japan, all models are powered by Kubota diesel engines.

“The addition of these tracked mini dumpers to our product portfolio fills a gap in a market segment. Our experience in distributing and supporting quality Japanese-made equipment like our Takeuchi excavator and compact loader range has given us a clear preference for selling Japanese manufactured earthmoving equipment”, said Semco’s Graham Murphy.

“Yamaguchi’s reputation for quality engineering meets our need to supply high-quality, reliable equipment to demanding customers, particularly those in the rental market, where we see the major potential for these versatile machines.

“These mini tracked dumpers are ideal on sites where it is not efficient or practical to use an excavator or a compact track loader to move material off site. With their narrow width and functionality more akin to a wheelbarrow, they can be safely driven through very tight alleyways and other spaces often encountered by contractors working on high density inner-city redevelopment or basement sites.

“With their all-terrain tracks and a choice of models, together with swivel and high lift options, these handy dumpers can save backbreaking work and speed up the material movement cycle.

The Yamaguchi range of machines have a low centre of gravity due to its well-engineered track design and configuration. They also exert the low ground pressure impact that typifies tracked machines. This distributed  ground contact minimises risk on sites where infrastructure such as gas, irrigation, water lines, electricity and other services may lie close to the surface.

“These Yamaguchi tracked machines run on a narrower track width than wheeled models and have a lower centre of gravity which has the benefit of increased stability, even while carrying capacity loads.

Another benefit is their ability to traverse construction trenches; a task which is impossible with wheeled machines without the placement of bridging. Their minimal ground disturbance is beneficial in many of Australia’s coastal areas where there are canals, waterways, soft or sandy terrain or surfaces that are unstable.

The initial product line up of the Yamaguchi tracked loader range includes the two pedestrian operated models: the 380kg WB06 TrackBarrow which carries a payload of 600 kg and can fit through a 780 mm wide opening and the 465kg WB 06 HL high lift TrackBarrow will fit through a 725 mm wide opening with the ability to lift its 600 kg payload up to 1320mm and tip into a skip.

Ride-on models start with the 510kg WB07 TrackDumper that steps up the load capacity to 700 kg while being able to travel through an 880 mm wide aperture. For contractors that need the flexibility of 3-way tipping and the ability to haul and dump 1200kg loads, model WB12 at 885kg will do the job, while travelling through doorways and openings as small as 1000mm.

The top of the range model WB18 DTB TrackDumper carries a generous 1800 kg payload which can be discharged in any direction via a tip/swivel action. Despite its size, this model exerts only 18.6 1K PA ground pressure when empty and weighs 1380 kg. These compact, heavy-duty Japanese-made mini track loaders are simple to operate and easy to maintain, making them ideal for the rental market. Manufactured using quality construction and robust components throughout, they are well engineered and a fully supported with parts and service by Semco’s Australian distribution network. For further information call Semco on 1 800 685 525.

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