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Tiltdozer blades are able to speed up the job of levelling sites and when equipped with laser guidance, become an indispensable attachment for anyone specialising in site preparation.
Blades are supplied in widths ranging from 1800 mm to 2700mm and left/right tilt actuation and angulation, hoses ready for connection to hydraulic circuits and a universal linkage kit for skid steer loaders. LTDA models are supplied with a laser support plate, however the higher performing dedicated laser blade may be the preferred option.

U.Emme PAT Laser Blade

The U.Emme LTDL multi-function P.A.T. dozer blade is ideal for dozing, leveling and backfilling. This unit has fast-acting, centrally mounted hydraulic cylinder for depth control as well as angle and tilt cylinders. The system has been specifically designed for use with an automated laser system without having to use the machine’s control valve, making it completely independent of the host machine’s lift cylinders for raise/lower functions.
Laser receiver poles are supplied as standard and the system is supplied complete with universal connections, hoses and flat face couplings for the hydraulic circuit. A manual override feature enables the blade to be positioned by the operator.
Bucket Brooms 

U.Emme sweeper

This high performance Manta STD bucket broom is designed for attachment to a skidsteer, track loader, loader backhoe, wheel loader or tractor. The unit is equipped with a bucket and 50/50 steel and polypropylene brushes and hydraulic connection hoses. Available on indent are specialty brooms to suit forklifts.
Small batch concrete mixing
The U.Emme Condor range of mixer of buckets is an ideal solution for the production of small batch mixes for patching, repairs or agricultural concreting applications ranging from 170 kg capacity/100L up to 920 kg capacity/1080 L. Ideal for pouring pier holes, there is a centrally mounted clip-on discharge tube.
U.emme  mixer buckets are design to attach to all makes of equipment ranging from skid steers, excavators loaders or loader backhoes.
For agricultural applications, the U.emme mixer bucket is ideal for small batches for post holes, irrigation infrastructure, drainage, sheds and other structures where the production of mixes is often impractical, time-consuming and labour-intensive.

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