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Takeuchi TB216  mini excavtorInfill construction poses challenges for construction contractors.

Redevelopment of ageing infrastructure and residential precincts often calls for a re-assessment of the tools and equipment needed for a successful project.

Manoeuvring excavation equipment on narrow allotments or adjacent to boundary walls needs to be completed safely and quickly to allow timely access for other trades on site. These situations often call for very compact equipment that has precise control, as well as the power needed for fast and efficient earth removal.

When plumbers and trenching contractors are faced with tasks that are best performed with specialised tools they may not have in their inventory, hire companies are often the first resource to provide the solution.

Takeuchi compact excavators have been designed for long-term reliability, a key consideration when gear is being worked hard and rental downtime can’t be tolerated. The latest family of Takeuchi full hydraulic compact excavators have adjustable tracks for narrow access and responsive, pilot-controlled joysticks that help reduce operator fatigue, boosting work efficiency and productivity.

For sites that need excavator access as narrow as 750 mm, the TB210R is a 1150 kg machine that can dig to a depth of 1755 mm and has proven itself on some of the world’s most challenging tight sites. If more grunt is needed, the 1500 kg TB215R with 11.0 kW and 2190 mm digging capacity may be the best choice.

For larger sites that may need heavier compact equipment, there is a choice of either the 1500 kg TB216 or the 1870 kg TB219.


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