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Takeuchi TB216  Mini excavator - built tough

Takeuchi TB216 Mini excavator – built tough

Building contractors report buoyant conditions for work associated with the continuing trend for people to renovate or add value to their homes.

Machinery and equipment that is well matched to needs helps contractors to complete projects more efficiently and on time. Equipment rental companies such as Ken Rowland’s two-outlet Hire Depot in Melbourne play a major role in supporting builders and construction contractors.

Hire Depot operates from facilities in Glen Iris and Fairfield, which enables them to provide the level of service needed for contractors across most of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

“Our primary market consists of builders and tradespeople who need a machine for either a few days, a week or longer’, said Ken.

“Business growth is the result of ensuring we remain relevant to the people who need to hire equipment. Unlike more “retail focused” hire businesses, we have nurtured strong relationships with builders who have made us the preferred supplier as long as we can continue to provide the right service at the right price.

“Mini excavators are extremely popular for residential construction as our customers use them for trenching, excavation and anywhere efficient digging is needed. Plumbers and other tradespeople undertaking small-scale excavations need tough and reliable equipment they can get onto site quickly, often operating in confined spaces.

“The enemy of any hire company is equipment that does not perform well. Rental companies succeed by having equipment that people want and that will consistently perform with a high level of reliability.

“Responding to the demands of our customers, several years ago we decided on Takeuchi excavators for our rental fleet. Customers were insistent that Takeuchi excavators would perform the job most efficiently and reliably. It was obvious these contractors knew what they were talking about, so we followed their advice, which has proven to be absolutely correct.

“Our excavator fleet includes Takeuchi models TB108, the 1.1 tonne TB 210, TB 216 and the 3.5 tonne TB 235. The 1.6 tonne TB216 mini excavator is one of the most popular machines in our fleet. It’s powerful, highly manoeuvrable and versatile, while being compact enough for our customers to transport the excavator themselves, relatively inexpensively.

“We also support our excavator range with a comprehensive inventory of attachments and tools — from rock breakers to different buckets, to post hole diggers and more.

Semco’s Stuart Marriott said, “We have found that these small, compact Takeuchi excavators have been extremely popular with the small to mid-sized equipment rental companies, largely because of their reliability and the fact that many of their customers are familiar with the brand and have a distinct reference for the Takeuchi machine.”

Mini Takeuchi  excavator - tight spaces no problem.

Mini Takeuchi excavator – tight spaces no problem.

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